This is a photo of just a few of the very lovely Calladoodles team;

Victoria, Liz, Kate and Rebecca.

Our community in Carshalton have made our little shop what it is today.

Calladoodles is made up of many local creative industries, who sell their art and design through our shop. We are lucky enough to have made friends with many local businesses and local artists over the years, who are all part of our story.


I am Clare, I am the founder of Calladoodles, I set up Calladoodles 9 Years ago before my children were born, after my second child my Mum Liz, took over Calladoodles. She became known as ‘Mama Doodles’ by the Calladoodles team!! Liz does an amazing job choosing Calladoodles cards and gifts, you can read more about her card industry journey on our ‘Bricks & Mortar Shop’ page!

However I am still with Calladoodles in a different capacity, I now run this online shop with my lovely colleagues! …Welcome to Calladoodles Online!

Pop in and say hello to the Calladoodles team in our Carshalton shop! Browse our website and check out our instagram page. We hope you love our community inspired shop as much as we do.

Calladoodles Online is a proud supporter of the ‘Just a Card’ Campaign

Calladoodles Online is a proud supporter of the ‘Just a Card’ Campaign

Helena Vaughan Print of Carshalton High Street

Helena Vaughan Print of Carshalton High Street


Calladoodles Online is a lifestyle site, designed to bring to the market a concise collection of aesthetically pleasing products. We are currently designing our own label too, so watch this space!

Small is beautiful, our little site is dedicated to keeping ahead of trends and we only pick the most considered products and design for you.

We embrace art and design. We are inspired by nature but also by human creativity all around us.

Our story started in the Brighton Laines. We felt at home with the hustle and bustle of bohemian living, the flags and brightly painted shops. We continued on to a beautiful spot by the ponds in Carshalton, where we found a wonderful creative but quietly humble group of local artists, who further inspired this journey to bring all things visually pleasing to the high street.

We are now so pleased to be able to bring our vision online, with the help of so many friends made along the way....and so we bring you Calladoodles Online.